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降溫大作戰!5款 Quest 3 夏季「清涼小物」,消暑靠他們!

Cooling battle! 5 Quest 3 summer "cool things", rely on them to beat the heat!

The summer is hot, are you ready to have fun in the virtual world? Don’t worry, DUCKBROS has prepared 5 essential accessories specially designed for summer to keep you cool and comfortable while gaming!

1. AMVR 3-in-1 mask|Compatible with Meta Quest 3

AMVR’s three-in-one mask is equipped with two widened and thickened facial cushions, which can be easily replaced by sticking them with Velcro felt. When the weather is hot, replace them with ice silk that is skin-friendly and cool. Pad it! In addition, This mask has a three-stage depth adjustment function that can perfectly fit the user's face shape, and the patented vents can effectively increase the internal airflow and prevent the mask from fogging, allowing you to play passionate games. Always maintain a clear visionThe nose pad design is even more considerate, preventing light from penetrating and making your gaming experience more focused.

  • Three-stage adjustment for perfect fit: The viewing angle can be adjusted according to different face shapes to provide the best fit.
  • Cross ventilation, anti-fog design: Unique vents enhance air flow and prevent the mask from fogging
  • Wider and thicker, soft and comfortable: 16 mm thick and wide design reduces forehead pressure and provides a soft and comfortable experience
  • Leather/ice silk, suitable for both winter and summer: choose between leather pads and ice silk pads, leather provides a skin-friendly feel, and ice silk absorbs and wicks away sweat.
  • Nose pad design, enhanced light shielding: soft silicone nose pads can prevent light penetration and can be independently removed
  • Perfect match, essential accessories: close to the weight of the official mask, perfectly matching the original body feel, definitely not to be missed

2. Magnetic Dual Fan Mask|Compatible with Meta Quest 3

In the hot summer, Magnetic double fan mask is your best cooling partner! Two high-speed silent fans with strong wind power. The unique magnetic design only needs to be aligned with the fan base on the mask and placed at an angle of 45 degrees to automatically attract the fan.The built-in 500mAh lithium battery ensures a long gaming experience. Even if there is no power, you can use the Quest host for emergency power supply to fully enjoy a cool and comfortable gaming experience.

  • Strong wind power: dual high-speed fans provide strong wind power and can adjust the wind direction
  • Weather adaptive: Intelligent design can adjust the fan direction according to the weather, exhaust hot air and blow in cool breeze
  • Magnetic design: easy installation, one-click fan adsorption
  • Built-in battery: can run for 3 hours and can be used as emergency power supply

3. TORRAS COOLIFY 2S|AI smart neck-mounted heating and cooling air conditioner

Torras Coolify 2S can bring you a comfortable experience whether it is cooling in summer or heating in winter! This air conditioner can not only cool down in one second, but also provide heating function, bringing you comfort in hot summer and cold winter.The exclusive HyperVortex design maximizes cooling efficiency, allowing the COOLIFY 2S to reach a rotation speed of 5,000RPM while maintaining low noise, giving you a quiet gaming environment.Ai smart temperature control can automatically adjust the temperature according to the environment and human body conditions, ensuring that you are always in the most comfortable temperature environmentTorras’ hanging neck heating and cooling air conditioner is your perfect choice for summer gaming

  • Extremely fast cooling: large heat dissipation area, efficient cooling
  • Multi-functional design: cool air, warm air and portable air conditioner all in one
  • Smart adjustment: automatically adjust the temperature according to the environment and body sensation, providing lasting comfort
  • Ergonomic design: fits the neck, reduces pressure, is comfortable and durable
  • Comprehensive protection: fire retardant materials, multiple charging protection, safe and reliable

4. AMVR battery cover handle cover|Applicable to Meta Quest 3

A must-have for people with sweaty hands - AMVR’s battery cover handle cover! This handle cover is designed with corrugated skin-friendly silicone, which is comfortable and durable and can effectively prevent the palm from sliding.Not only that, the ribbed surface is sweat-wicking and non-slip, allowing you to maintain a good grip during intense gaming sessions.Weighing only 19 grams, the handle cover seamlessly complements the ergonomic design of the VR controller and is ideal for long gaming sessions100% unobstructed signal, allowing you to enjoy the game to the fullest!

  • Unparalleled comfort: corrugated skin-friendly silicone design, comfortable and durable
  • Exquisite design: Ribbed surface is sweat-wicking and non-slip, stable and reliable
  • Smart equipment: 100% unobstructed signal, suitable for different groups of people
  • Easy to operate: easy to install, excellent feel, suitable for long-term gaming use

5. VR cooling mask

Absolutely dry! The VR cooling mask is made of exclusive ice-like fabric, which can effectively cool down and wick away sweat, keeping your face cool and comfortableThe comfortable ergonomic design fits the shape of your face and is equipped with adjustable elastic bands that are non-sticky and non-sticky, allowing you to always feel comfortable during the game.In addition, the mask is washable, wear-resistant, durable and reusable, making it your best partner in summer!

  • Cool and skin-friendly: Using exclusively developed cooling fabric, it effectively cools down and wicks away sweat.
  • Moisture wicking: inner dynamic elastic fiber mesh fabric, comfortable, breathable, and non-sticky
  • Face-fitting: ergonomically designed, adjustable elastic band that does not tighten around ears, inner and outer edges to reduce wear
  • Washable: wear-resistant and durable, reusable, also suitable for disposable masks
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