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ECP grandly takes the stage! What does this mean?

We are pleased to assist EOZ in promoting its innovative initiative - ECP - globally!

🚀 ECP Introduction

EOZ is launching a new initiative called "ECP" (EOZ Community Program) globally. This program will be led by the passionate Youtuber @SadlyItsBradley. You may be more familiar with his mantra: "Hi, I'm Brad,” who will bring his extensive experience to the community with innovative VR/AR/spatial computing projects designed to deliver substantial benefits to the greater community.

🔍 EOZ’s Commitment

EOZ will fund and support projects with potential and work with creators for mass production. In addition, EOZ will assist in selling products globally and enable global shipping through eozvr.com and Taiwan shipping through DuckBros.

🌐 Why care about ECP?

Through ECP, EOZ expects creators to not only transform their ideas into actual products, but also to enrich the entire VR/AR ecosystem and bring more high-quality and affordable innovative products to the community.

🔎 Application Qualifications and Guidelines

– Innovative hardware/accessories designed for #FBT or full-body tracking
– Comfortable hardware/accessories for popular head-mounted displays
– Innovative ideas for 3D models or full-body tracking related software
–【Taiwan Exclusive】Related products for desktop and notebook computers

💡 How to participate?


In the ECP category of the DuckBros server, share your ideas and creations on the left. Through community feedback and discussion, DuckBros will help you adapt to ECP.

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