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How to install and play Nintendo 3DS games on Quest? You can do it through the CitraVR emulator!

This article is referenced from UploadVR - UploadVR is a news organization focusing on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

CitraVR now supports Quest via sideload installation. The following guide explains how to find, install and set up the CitraVR Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Meta Quest 2, 3 or Pro.

What isCitraVR?

CitraVR is a standalone virtual reality (VR) version of Citra, the leading Nintendo 3DS emulator, designed exclusively for the Quest platformIt allows users to play their favorite Nintendo 3DS games in 3D on a large virtual screen. The app is currently in beta and continues to be developed to improve its performance and compatibility.

CitraVR is currently not available in the Quest official store or App Lab. You need to install it through sideloading (sideload)Here are four steps to helpyou successfully run CitraVR on Quest

* If you want a video guide, you can refer to a three-minute video made by UploadVR below. If you need Traditional Chinese subtitles, you can turn on CC in the lower right corner of the video and click on the small gear Select automatic translation

Install CitraVR

To sideload on Quest, you need to register as a developer and enable developer mode, and you also need a PC or Mac and a USB cable to transfer the required files

There are several different ways to install CitraVR, but using SideQuest is the easiest. There are also instructions on the wiki on the CitraVR page.

Step 1: Set up developer mode

The first step to install CitraVR isyou need to create or log in to an account on the Meta developer website (as shown below), if you Already completed this step, you can jump directly to step 2

If you need more about sideloading, UploadVR has more guides:
"It is important to visit this page And make sureyou are logged into the same Oculus/Facebook account asyour Quest registrationEnter a new organization name and check "I understand" to agree to the Meta Terms of Service》

Nowyou can pick upyour mobile phone and log intoyour Meta Quest APP to proceed to the next step - on the Quest in use Turn on developer modeFor this step you need to enter the device in the Meta Quest APP menu, select your Quest device, then enter settings and find the Developer Mode tab, where you You will see a toggle button to enable it

Step 2: Sideload the emulator

You will need a USB cable with at least a USB-C port on one end to connectyour PC or Mac to the Quest

If you have entered developer mode from step 1, you can now connect your Quest to a PC with SideQuest installed via a USB cableThe way to confirm that you completed step 1 correctly is that when you plug the Quest into your computer, the Quest will internally display a dialog mentioning the RSA key to allow debugging accessIf this is your first time doing this, you will see this dialog box

Now, Quest is ready to receive sideloaded content

Getting CitraVR.apk from SideQuest installed on PC or Mac to Quest via USB cable is currently the easiest way

SideQuest is available for downloadhere

You can remove the Quest and return to SideQuest by clicking the button that indicates sideloading, It's finishedWithin seconds, the installation is completeand you are done

Step 3: Create a ROMs folder

There is only one step left to run the emulator, which is to create a folder to store the game

While your Quest is still connected to the PC, please use the file management function of SideQuest to create a new ROMs folder in the location specified by CitraVR (as shown below)

Step 4: Launch the emulator from unknown sources

Now that everything is set up, you can finally put on your Quest and launch the emulatorWhen you start to get frustrated and think something is wrong because you can’t seem to find the app, please note that CitraVR will not appear in the normal list of games and apps

In order to find it, we need to select Unknown Source from the drop-down menu(pictured below)

There you can see that Citra VR is indeed installed and ready to go

After launching for the first time, you will need to agree to several permission settings, and then guide CitraVR to your newly created ROMs folder

Nowyou are ready to have fun!


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