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 KIWI Design SPC電池頭戴

Enhance your Meta Quest 3 experience and choose the KIWI Design SPC Battery Headset

If you want to take your Meta Quest 3 gaming experience to the next level, KIWI Design's SPC Battery Headset is the perfect accessory, giving you longer gaming sessions and better comfort. Designed specifically for large-scale action games, this battery headset provides a comfortable fit and helps balance the weight for a more enjoyable gaming experience, and can be used with the KIWI design RGB magnetic charging stand.

KIWI Design SPC電池頭戴

Main Features

  • Classic design: Original 52° detachable joint design for easy flippingover the head.
  • Durability: Tested to over 10,000 bend and recovery times to ensure high strength and durability.
  • Perfect fit: KIWI Design Headband provides excellent stability to ensure Quest 3 is comfortable to wear.
  • Memory foam padding: Wide top strap and thick head pad in soft PU leather provide ultimate comfort.
  • High-quality battery: Use industrial-grade high-energy-density Amprius battery with a capacity of 6400mAh, providing an additional 2-4 hours of gaming time (depending on load). Extend game time

Extended game time

With a 6400mAh battery, the KIWI Design SPC Battery Headset extends your gaming time, ensuring you enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun. You don't have to worry about running out of power during gaming.

Improve comfort

Long gaming sessions can be tiring, but with the KIWI Design battery headset you can enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort. Memory foam padding and soft PU leather provide a luxurious feel, and the stable fit ensures the weight of the device is evenly distributed, reducing pressure on the face.

Non-stop gaming

Whether you're fighting enemies or exploring new virtual worlds, the KIWI Design SPC Battery Headset ensures you stay immersed in the game without interruption and without frequent replacements The battery may end the game early and say goodbye due to insufficient power.

Convenient charging⭐

Unique single-point charging system allows simultaneous charging of headset and device when connected to KIWI Design's RGB Magnetic Charging Stand (sold separately), without meaning you Easily charge both the headset and the Meta Quest 3 at the same time, ensuring they're always ready for your next VR adventure.

Seamless experience

KIWI Design SPC BatteryHeadset Designed for Meta Quest 3, ensuring your VR gaming experience is not only longer, but also more immersive and comfortable. Its stylish design and durable construction make it a must-have accessory for avid gamers.


KIWI Design BatteryHeadband Designed specifically for Meta Quest 3, ensuring a safe and stable hold without affecting your gaming experience. With its user-friendly design, it's easy to install and remove, allowing you to easily switch between regular use and extended gaming sessions, and it works with the KIWI design RGB magnetic charging stand.

Upgrade your Meta Quest 3 today

With the KIWI Design SPC BatteryHeadpiece you can enjoy extended gaming time, improved comfort and uninterrupted gaming, making it a must-have accessory for any Meta Quest 3 owner. Get the KIWI Design SPC Battery Headset now and take your VR gaming experience to the next level!

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