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最好的Meta Quest 3配件之一【AMVR 電池蓋手柄套】享受裸機手感!

One of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories [AMVR Battery Cover Grip Cover] to enjoy the bare metal feel!

Sometimes, simple is best.

Most handle protective covers on the market completely cover the entire controller, but the AMVR battery protective cover is much simpler - you only need to replace the original battery cover to complete the installation! Not only can it increase the grip and breathability of the palm, but it also makes it easier for players to replace batteries and install other handle accessories.

AMVR’s ingenious battery cover design replaces the original handle battery cover, which snaps in and releases with the push of a button. It adds a lovely grip texture and an easy-to-adjust palm strap. The palm strap can be quickly adjusted and fixed through the nylon buckle backing, making large movements such as throwing objects and aerobics more secure.

The ribbed texture on the surface of the grip not only increases grip but also helps keep your hands cool, even during long sweaty gaming sessions.

According to foreign media Android Central’s expert “Nicholas Sutrich” commented:

What I like most about this battery cover handle cover is - "It's so easy to install/remove!". You don’t need to replace the batteries very often as the battery life of the Quest 3 controller lasts for weeks, but I play Walkabout Mini Golf with friends regularly and I will replace the controller with a putter like the HelloReal Putter or AMVR Quest 3 Golf Club Accessories.

Both require you to remove the handle to fit fully inside the club attachment, so the handle can be easily removed with the push of a button and the controller can be slid into the golf club.

For me, simplicity is best. That's why I prefer the AMVR Battery Cover Grip Cover, and why I call it "one of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories." Of all the accessories I've tested so far, this is my favorite way to use it.


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