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Quest 3 入坑配件懶人包!玩家都推的超高CP值配件一次看🔥

A lazy bag of essential accessories for Quest 3! Watch the ultra-high CP value accessories recommended by players🔥

How to choose accessories for Quest 3? Just entered the trap, confused and don’t know what to choose? It doesn’t matter, Lazy Bag has prepared it for you🔥DuckBros We have collected the best-selling peripherals of Quest 3 that have the best reviews from players and the highest CP value. They can be easily matched according to different usage needs, allowing you to play with peace of mind!

[Basic Starter 4-piece Set] With four pieces in hand, you can start playing with one set!

  • Titanium alloy lens film: Super easy to apply ~ metallic texture, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, comprehensive protection
  • AMVR Battery Hole Handle Cover: It wraps just right, does not block tracking, and is compatible with the original lanyard
  • AMVR three-in-one mask: more comfortable than the original one, free to match leather/ice silk fabrics
  • KIWI design comfortable headwear: good coverage, balanced front and rear weights, flip-up design for easy putting on and taking off

[Advanced battery life 7-piece set] Three more pieces, magnetic charging is so convenient!

  • Titanium alloy lens film, AMVR battery hole handle cover, AMVR three-in-one mask
  • KIWI design SPC battery headset: battery life +2 hours🔋
  • KIWI design magnetic charging stand: the savior of lazy people - magnetic charging, practical and beautiful
  • KIWI design lens protective cover: soft and thickened, you no longer have to worry about the lens being scratched when carrying it out!
  • DuckBros brand VR modified storage bag Plus+: super large capacity, compatible with modified headsets, protective power💯

The above are the most practical set combinations selected by Yabao. All products can be found on the DUCKBROS official website and Shopee stores. If you have any questions related to VR accessories, please feel free to contact us ~ Everyone, have a wonderful VR journey! !



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