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Quest 3 鏡片老是起霧?你需要這款通風面罩!

Quest 3 lenses keep fogging up? You need this ventilation mask!

Foreign media Android Central reviews the best mask for Quest 3 - "AMVR 3-in-1 Mask"! The three major functions of "preventing fogging", "two kinds of soft cushions" and "convenient replacement" almost perfectly solve the obvious defects of the Quest 3 original mask!

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

AMVR is one of the first companies to start selling accessories after the launch of Meta Quest 3 in October 2023. Surprisingly, despite other companies taking longer to develop, AMVR's product remains one of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The AMVR three-in-one mask is installed in the same way as the original mask, and has the same three-stage depth adjustment as the original mask! The difference is: the facial cushion of the AMVR three-in-one mask is very easy to replace, and comes with two easy-to-clean soft PU leather cushions and ice silk cushions. The mask can be replaced depending on the weather or different users. The soft padding on the top and bottom features ventilation holes to help prevent lenses from fogging up.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

AMVR three-in-one mask mainly consists of two parts: facial cushion + mask interface. The mask interface itself is made of plastic and can be inserted directly into the Quest 3 console just like the original mask. However, unlike the Meta Quest 3 original mask, AMVR separates the facial cushion and mask interface, making it more convenient to use!

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Let’s take a look at what review editor Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central has to say:

The mask interface is paved with Velcro felt, and its size fits almost all facial cushions on the market (including the Quest 2 cushion I own, which can also be installed perfectly). This means that if you are also a Quest 2 player, as long as Through the interface in the AMVR three-in-one mask, there is no need to purchase a bunch of additional facial cushions. The detachable design allows players to easily disassemble, clean and replace it after use, which is very convenient when friends or family come to visit and want to maintain hygiene. But my biggest dissatisfaction with the 3-in-1 mask is the nose pads. It is only lightly fixed on the interface with a small latch and can easily come off when replacing the mask pad. The process of putting it back on is also annoying, but it provides excellent light blocking! So when it falls off, I still have the patience to put it back on. In conclusion, the AMVR 3-in-1 Mask is what I consider to be the best and best Meta Quest 3 mask replacement on the market. A tighter nose seal and an adjusted eyeglass spacing design would make it perfect, but neither issue is enough to complain about.


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Reviews By Nicholas Sutrich published March 19, 2024

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