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Tundra追蹤器(Tundra Tracker) + EOZ綁帶(EOZ Straps) = 最讚的VRChat體驗

Tundra Tracker + EOZ Straps = The best VRChat experience

Tundra Tracker and EOZ Strap: Make your VRChat play more enjoyable

Want to take your VRChat experience to the next level? Tundra trackers and EOZ straps are definitely your best choice. These advanced accessories take your interaction and immersion in the metaverse to new heights, making them both convenient and comfortable to use.

Why choose Tundra tracker?

Tundra tracker is the top choice for full-body tracking technology in virtual reality . It is not only compatible with popular VR systems such as VIVE tracker, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, etc. on SteamVR, but also It is loved for its compactness, lightness, and simplicity of use (one-to-many reception method) , Compared with VIVE's one-to-one reception method, Tundra makes setup more convenient and is VRChat's best choice. A good partner for players.

Tundra tracker can make your VRChat experience more accurate. Whether you opt for basic six-point tracking (headset and controller plus three trackers), or want richer ten- or eleven-point tracking (plus extra trackers to track arms, legs, or even chest ), Tundra tracker can meet your needs. The SW3 package includes three trackers and a one-to-three receiver, while the SW4 has four trackers and a one-to-four receiver. Tundra Tracker is suitable for players who want to perform better in VRChat, especially those who like to dance or go deeper into the game.

SW4 Tundra Tracker

EOZ strap: comfortable and stable

EOZ straps are designed for use with Tundra trackersThese high-quality straps are adjustable and comfortable, ensuring the tracker stays stable no matter how you move. In this way, you can dance and jump freely without worrying about the tracker moving out of position.

EOZ Strap

Be free in VRChat

VRChat is a vibrant virtual social platform that allows players to create their own avatars, explore different worlds, and interact with players from all over the world. With the Tundra Tracker and EOZStraps you can express yourself more freely. Whether you're dancing or playing tricks with friends, these accessories can make your social movements more precise and realistic.

VRChat disco dance party

*The introduction video of Internet celebrities ThrillSeeker and SadlyItsBradley below requires Traditional Chinese subtitles. You can turn on CC in the lower right corner of the video and select automatic translation in the small gear

Try the Tundra Tracker and EOZ Strap today and impress your VRChat friends with your full-body tracking skills. Explore new worlds, be the life of the party, and unleash your creativity with this ultimate VRChat set!

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