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Understand what XR, VR, AR, and MR are in one minute

Technology is advancing every day. You must have heard the terms XR, VR, AR, and MR, but what do they mean? This article will give a brief explanation so that you can understand their differences in one minute.

XR: Extended reality

XR is a big family, including VR, AR, and MR. Imagine mixing the real world and the virtual world. XR makes this possible, making your experience more interesting and interactive.

VR: Virtual reality

VR is a brand new virtual world. By putting on the headset, you can enter another world where the real environment around you is isolated. Whether playing games, training or simulations, VR makes everything come alive.

Example: Imagine you put on the Quest 3 helmet, and suddenly you are standing on a space station, surrounded by stars and planets, and can "walk" in space. It feels like a real space adventure .

AR: Augmented Reality

AR adds some material to your real world.You can use your mobile phone or smart glasses to see virtual information overlaid on reality, giving you a different experience from playing games to navigating.

Example: Turn on the camera on your mobile phone and see through the screen that a cute little dinosaur suddenly appears on your table walking around. You can also interact with it, but when you look up, in fact, There is nothing on the table.

MR: Mixed Reality

MR is a combination of AR and VR, allowing virtual objects to interact in your real world.This technology allows you to see the real world and play with virtual content. It is extremely versatile. widely.

Example: In Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses, you can see the virtual engine floating on the desk, rotate and disassemble it yourself to learn its structure, making learning and working easier As cool as a science fiction movie.

After understanding the differences between XR, VR, AR, and MR, you will know the novel experiences brought by each technology , Whether it is immersing yourself in the virtual world or making the real world richer, these Technology is changing the way we live and work.

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