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過年吃太好,狂長肉怎麼辦? 這些VR運動蒐藏起來,邊玩邊燃燒卡路里!

If you eat too much during the Chinese New Year, what should you do if you gain weight? Collect these VR exercises and burn calories while playing!

Foreign media reported Netizen Job Stauffer continued to use HTC Vive to play a VR game called "Soundboxing" in 2017. Successfully lost a full 22 kilograms! Being able to achieve the effects of exercise and fitness while having fun is definitely what everyone dreams of!

The website VR Institute of Health and Exercise records the fitness index of multiple VR games. Based on the research data on the website, DuckBros selects and recommends 5 fun and fitness exercises. , the more you play, the healthier you will be👉

1️⃣ FitXR

FitXR is a type of aerobic exercise that focuses on upper body training with a small amount of lower body movement. Following the rhythm of the music, through a combination of straight jabs, uppercuts, uppercuts and blocks, obstacles will occasionally appear in the game, requiring players to dodge or tilt their bodies to avoid them, but they do not need to move their feet. You can play in a small space!

  • Strength: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Level: Badminton
  • Consumption per minute: average 8-10 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended combination: AMVR boxing gloves

2️⃣ Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR music game that focuses on fast upper body movements. You need to chop music cubes and occasionally dodge obstacles. In the game, you need to tilt your body left and right. The higher the difficulty, the greater the intensity of exercise. Beat Saber can be used as a cardiovascular aerobic exercise, or you can turn off the "failure" mode to maintain exercise intensity. The newly launched 360 mode requires more full-body movements and is also a great exercise choice!

  • Exercise intensity: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sport Level: Badminton
  • Consumption per minute: average 6-8 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended combination: AMVR lightsaber stick

3️⃣ Thrill of the Fight

"The Thrill of the Fight" is an exciting VR boxing game! Enter the virtual gym, challenge a variety of opponents, and knock them out with your unique boxing style. Use clever timing and technique to dodge punches, violent counterattacks and clever blocks to become the true king of the ring! The developer announced in January 2023 that it will launch the second generation, which is worth looking forward to!

  • Exercise intensity: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sport Level: Rowing
  • Consumption per minute: average 8-10 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended combination: AMVR boxing gloves

4️⃣ Eleven Table Tennis VR

A highly realistic table tennis game that simulates the actual one-on-one movements of playing table tennis and provides serving practice. A player's amount of exercise depends largely on your skill. If you are a good table tennis player, you can participate in highly intense games and keep yourself active for a long time. Novices don’t have to worry, the game also provides a practice mode to help you improve quickly!

  • Exercise intensity: ⭐️⭐️
  • Exercise level: sliding machine/elliptical machine
  • Consumption per minute: average 4-6 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended combination: AMVR table tennis racket

5️⃣ GOLF+/Walkabout minigolf

Both VR golf games use rotating arms and bodies to make swing movements. GOLF+ focuses on the immersive experience of regular golf, while Walkabout minigolf emphasizes fun (only metal putting rods). Cooperate and compete with partners in the magical map, and there are also many traps and many unexpected game designs!

  • Exercise intensity: ⭐️
  • Exercise level: walking
  • Consumption per minute: average 2-4 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended match: AMVR golf pole

6️⃣Kayak VR: Mirage

This ultra-realistic kayak racing game traverses the landscapes of tropical Costa Rica, Antarctica, Northern Europe and other places. The action performance is extremely realistic, and even the depth of the paddle inserted into the water will affect the progress of the kayak. speed. If you are interested in adventure or enjoying the beautiful scenery, you must not miss it! *This game needs to be connected to SteamVR*

  • Exercise intensity: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sport Level: Rowing
  • Consumption per minute: average 8-10 calories (cal/min)
  • Recommended combination: AMVR lightsaber stick

Source: VR Institute of Health and Exercise/Game Base


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