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gives you a different virtual world

Join us in VR!

Video source: VRChat

Early Fall Sale


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The Yabao Brothers and N7R jointly branded VRChat room

Yabao recommended

KIWI Design

Global best-selling VR accessories brand

Tundra Tracker

Experts in full body tracking

Tundra + EOZ Straps = Virtual Second Life

Best-selling brands on Amazon in the United States

KLIM Technologies

Metaverse is in full swing and laptop cooling is handed over to KLIM!

Choose the radiator that suits you

Mistral has the best wind speed and the best effect, Ultimate wind speed is moderate and quiet

KLIM Mistral
KLIM Ultimate

Duck treasure brothers VR

A dynamic and professional team with rich virtual reality (VR) experience and professional knowledge. In addition to providing players with a more comfortable and easy-to-use VR experience, we also focus on the promotion of related products at home and abroad and Other related customized services.
We're currently in the process of translating our website to English. Please bear with us as we work to improve your experience.

Note: Our market is currently limited to Taiwan. We will soon be available in other countries.