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New BOBOVR S3 Pro: VR helmet that subverts games

As the field of virtual reality continues to advance, BOBOVR S3 Pro redefines the user experience with its innovative design, bringing unprecedented comfort and innovation. This helmet accessory compatible with Meta Quest 3 is not just another product on the market, but a big step towards future virtual reality experiences.

Revolutionary comfort and battery life

BOBOVR S3 Pro relies on its head air conditioning system and 10000mAh replaceable battery pack to allow users to immerse themselves in the virtual world for a long time without worrying about discomfort or frequent charging. This innovative headset is designed to make your VR experience cooler, longer lasting and more comfortable.

Extended game time

In order to satisfy enthusiastic VR users, BOBOVR launched the B100 battery system. The size of this new system remains the same, but the battery capacity is doubled to 10,000mAh, which greatly extends your gaming or exploration time and enhances the immersion of VR.

Silent cooling, suitable for long-term use

A major feature of the S3 Pro is the built-in head air conditioning system. Through silent technology, your head can be kept cool and comfortable even during long-term use. This feature is especially important for users who sweat easily, making the VR experience more user-friendly and enjoyable. The helmet supports 100 levels of wind speed adjustment, allowing each user to find the comfort level that suits them best.

Focus on comfort and convenience

BOBOVR S3 Pro is designed with user comfort in mind. Its back structure is flatter, making users more comfortable when lying down and improving the relaxation of the VR experience. The auxiliary support on the top of the head can be adjusted to accommodate various head shapes and usage preferences.

Looking to the future: Supercharging is future-compatible

BOBOVR is planning to launch a super charging stand by the end of the first quarter of 2024, which can charge the B100 to 80% in one hour. This shows BOBOVR’s forward-thinking commitment to evolving its technology with user needs.

* If you want a video guide, you can refer to JayBratt’s video below. If you need Traditional Chinese subtitles, you can turn on CC in the lower right corner of the video and click on the small gear Select automatic translation.


BOBOVR S3 Pro is not just a headset, it is a complete set of solutions designed to elevate the VR experience to a new level. With its innovative cooling system, extended battery life and user-centered design, it demonstrates BOBOVR’s commitment to advancing VR technology. Whether you are a casual or professional gamer, BOBOVR S3 Pro will change the way you interact with the virtual world, making every experience more enjoyable and immersive.

This helmet accessory is not just an investment in VR hardware, but an investment in a superior VR experience,As we look forward to the innovation that BOBOVR will continue to bring, the S3 Pro represents the exciting new world of virtual reality. Excited about future directions.

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