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Meta Quest 3 / 2 Rental Service

Experience the VR world

Easy and no burden

Video source: Meta

Worried about 3D dizziness? Need one for a friends gathering?

The rental service allows you to experience it without any burden!

short term rental

Economical and affordable, high CP value

early access

Buy after use to reduce risk

Peace of mind

Comprehensive disinfection and hygiene guaranteed

Complete set of starter accessories

Rental equipment list

  • VR host x1
  • Comfortable headset x1
  • Two-hand handle controller x1
  • Handle rechargeable battery x2
  • Charger x1
  • Charging cable x1
  • Special storage bag x1


More than 50 genuine games

The cloud account is equipped with a variety of genuine games that you can download and play by yourself, such as: Drop Dead: The Cabin, Bonelab, Wands Alliances, Green Hell VR, Cities: VR, Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber rhythm lightsaber, Ragnarock Ragnarok, Arizona Sunshine Arizona sunshine,... See the link below for complete content.

Rental process

Before renting, please chat/Email/LINE (@duckbros.vr) on the official website to inquire whether there is any ready stock available for rent
And provide the date you need to rent. The rental date is [3 days / 5 days / 7 days] ] is the unit


Step 1

Let’s talk about ordering


Goods shipped


Acceptance of goods


start using


Return when due


Complete the rental

Leasing method


  1. Please make a reservation in advance via chat/email/line (@duckbros.vr) on the DUCKBROS official website.
  2. The actual delivery is subject to the date agreed upon by both parties.
  3. Sign the rental contract and provide your ID. You can rent after agreeing.
  4. When the goods are rented and sent out, the seller (lessor) will bear the freight; when the lease expires, the lessee will bear the freight when the goods are sent back.
  5. If you need to extend the rental period, please inform us in advance and pay on the same day to complete the renewal process.
  6. During the rental period, the renter is obliged to maintain the integrity and normal use of VR equipment and not to maliciously damage or deface it.
  7. During the rental period, if the VR equipment is artificially damaged or stained, the lessor must compensate the original price.
  8. If the renter is lost or damaged beyond repair due to human factors during the rental period, the renter shall compensate the original price of the same model and specification.
  9. All rental VR devices will be provided with disposable sanitary sponge masks, which will be thoroughly cleaned before shipment. The renter must perform basic disinfection before returning them to maintain hygiene and health.
  10. Duck Bros Tech Ltd. reserves the right to modify content related to the service.

▋ How to calculate rent and lease period:

  1. The rental date is based on [3 days/5 days/7 days].
  2. The timer starts at 12:00 am on the night of receipt.
  3. The renter must return the item before 12:00 a.m. on the last day of rental.
  4. Overdue fees will be charged for overdue returns, which is 500 yuan per day, and 350 yuan per day after 7 days. There is no accumulation upper limit.
  5. The rental fee is based on the rental date to the return date, and the delivery time is not charged.

▋ Example of lease period:

Maintaining cleanliness is our shared responsibility💗

All rental display devices will be provided with disposable sanitary sponge masks. The products will be fully disinfected before shipment to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Please remember to perform basic disinfection before returning!

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